Archoil AR9100 Advanced Friction Modifier & System Cleaner


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Archoil AR9100 Friction Modifier & System Cleaner

Archoil AR9100 is an advanced oil additive pack utilising nanoborate technology suspended in an ester complex. Nanoborate is delivered to metal surfaces where it reduces friction and provides outstanding extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-corrosive protection for engines, transmissions, axles and similar lubricating systems. AR9100 also helps extend oil life and keeps components clean.

Enhanced Lubrication. AR9100 improves lubricity by filling surface asperities creating a more lubricious, lower friction surface. Nanoborate has a lower shear strength than the metal it bonds to, so friction between surfaces is reduced (CoF .037 @ 3,750 lbs in ATSM D3233 Falex test). This means more power, improved fuel economy and less heat generated through friction. Improved lubricity can also reduce engine noise and vibration as well as improve engine compression and reduce blow by thanks to a better seal on the piston rings.

AR9100 will raise the TBN (Total Base Number) of the oil helping protect against acidity and extending its usable life. The ester in AR9100 resist oxidation, further stabilising the host oil whilst reducing deposit formation.

Extreme Pressure Protection. AR9100 forms a resilient solid boundary lubricating film on surfaces providing outstanding extreme pressure and wear protection during extreme operating conditions. This film is more resilient than the soft sacrificial films of zinc based anti-wear additives (ZDDP).

AR9100 outperforms zinc in heavy duty applications and the added protection benefits modern engine oils where zinc levels have been reduced to prevent catalyst poisoning.

Engine Deposit Reduction. AR9100 will help keep equipment and components clean. Nanoborate acts as a mild detergent whilst esters permeate and disperse varnish, sludge and carbon deposits.

Extended Oil Drain Intervals. TBN values will remain higher for longer resulting in a longer life additive pack. Oil samples can be used to calculate the usable life of lubricating oil treated with AR9100. Oil samples containing AR9100 will show high levels of potassium and boron; this is normal and should not raise concern. 


  • Reduces Wear & Extends Component Life
  • Provides Extreme Pressure Protection
  • Reduces Noise, Vibration and Friction Heat
  • Protects Engine During Cold Starts
  • Eliminates HEUI Injector Issues
  • Helps Clean Engine & Prevent Corrosion


  • For engine oil treat at a ratio of 28:1 (200ml will treat up to 5.6 Litres of engine oil)
  • For manual transmission oil treat at a ratio of 12:1 (200ml will treat up to 2.4 Litres of gear oil)
  • For other applications please contact your nearest dealer


200ml container

500ml container