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ARCHOIL AR6400-D MAX Professional Engine, Turbo, DPF & CAT Cleaner Concentrate For PD and CR Fuel systems.

Rapid improvement in engine technology has resulted in an imbalance between engine design and fuel quality. This combined with non-optimum driving conditions can result in an accumulation of deposits in the fuel system, combustion area, turbo, diesel particulate filter (DPF) and catalytic converter (CAT). These deposits effect performance, fuel economy, exhaust emissions and engine refinement.

They can also cause engine warning lights or restrictive “limp home” conditions. To address these issues Archoil has released its latest high-strength diesel cleaner, AR6400-D MAX.

AR6400-D MAX is a powerful next-generation all-in one fuel system, engine, turbo, DPF and CAT cleaner. It is the culmination of years of research and the decision to combine the original AR6400-D Engine Cleaner, AR6500 DPF Cleaner and AR6600 Turbo Cleaner technologies providing the greatest value and product performance into a single treatment.


AR6400-D MAX quickly restores engine performance and fuel economy lost through deposit buildup in key parts of the fuel system, engine and emission control systems. Molecule by molecule deposits are safely removed. AR6400-D MAX helps restore variable geometry turbo operation and diesel particulate filter regeneration. AR6900-D MAX will remove all forms of deposits from fuel injectors including carbons, varnish and stubborn lacquers.

AR6400-D MAX - Engine Clean-Up

AR6400-D MAX will effectively clean older as well as modern Euro 5/6 specification fuel systems. It is suitable for all diesel engines running on pump, bunkered or bio-diesel blended fuel.


AR6400-D MAX delivers a modern lubricant helping to protect high pressure injection systems and fuel pumps during the cleaning process.

AR6400-D MAX - Friction Test Results


AR6400-D MAX contains a proven cetane booster to improve combustion efficiency and engine performance, whilst reducing engine noise. A combustion catalyst technology then facilitates a cleaner burn, improving combustion quality further.

These additional functions not only provide an instant improvement in performance but facilitate the cleaning function by keeping recirculating hydrocarbons as low as possible.


  • Rapidly Cleans Fuel System & Combustion Area
  • Removes Deposits from Turbo, DPF & CAT
  • Raises Cetane Index Number
  • Smoothes Rough Idling
  • Restores Lost Performance & Economy
  • Lowers Harmful Exhaust Emissions
  • Lubricates & Protects the Fuel System


  • Add the correct amount of AR6400-D MAX to the fuel tank first and then fill up with fuel immediately afterwards.
  • Treatment ratio is 1:100 > 1:200. A single 400ml bottle will treat between 40 and 80 litres of fuel.
  • A 5 litre container will treat up to 1000 litres of fuel.

CAUTION: Do not overdose.

  • Use AR6400-D MAX every 5000 miles or use once and follow up regularly with Archoil AR6900-D MAX



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